Homemade chuck steak burgers

4 July 2020

To celebrate 4th July and the start of UK BBQ Week FD makes some homemade burgers using just good quality chuck steak, seasoned generously with our Dixie Dust.

Dirty BBQ Lamb Steak Wrap

29 May 2020

Lamb steaks cooked directly on the barbecue coals, a technique known as 'dirty BBQ' but in fact it's nothing of the sort. The meat doesn't pick up any grit, just a delicious smokey flavour! Carved and served in a chargrilled wrap with some mixed leaves, middle eastern seasoning and a drizzle of pomegranate molasses. This one has got to be tried!

Maple Glazed Pork Chops

15 May 2020

A really simple way to cook pork chops on the barbecue - seasoned with Fat Daniel's Dixie Dust and liberally glazed with maple syrup. Cooked low and slow on the smoker BBQ so they are deliciously tender and moist.

Pork Chops with Rhubarb

13 July 2019

A tasty twist on the traditional pairing of pork and apple, try our delicious recipe for pork chops with rhubarb!

Check out the full recipe here

Baby Back Ribs

6 July 2019

Cooked using the 3-2-1 method, these ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender, juicy and packed with delicious smokey flavour.

Check out the full recipe here

MOINK balls

30 June 2019

A scrumptious barbecue appetiser - Italian beef meatballs with our BBQ spice rub, wrapped in bacon, smoked and glazed with barbecue sauce.

Check out the full recipe here

Top Tips for BBQ Sausages

30 April 2019

Fat Daniel shares his 7 top tips for grilling the perfect sausage on the barbecue

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