Sweets & Drinks


Frozen Margaritas

23 July 2021

This easy fozen cocktail always goes down a storm with friends when served up at a Fat Daniel's BBQ. Perfect for those long hot summer evenings!

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26 August 2019

Chocolate and marshmallow, melted between two biscuits. Make these girl guide gooey treats on the barbecue instead of a campfire - simple and delicious!

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Caribbean spiced pineapple

24 August 2019

Soaked in rum and spiced with brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves before grilling, these pineapple rings are the perfect grown-up BBQ dessert!

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Banana Splits

10 May 2019

A gooey, chocolatey, sweet treat that kids (including big kids) will love cooking on the barbecue

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