Banana splits

Banana splits


  • 1 ripe banana per person
  • Chocolate buttons
  • Mini marshmallows


  • Cut a slit in the top of the banana from end to end, being careful not to cut through the skin on the bottom
  • Push the ends of the banana together to open up the gap a little
  • Place chocolate buttons and marshmallows into the slit all the way along the length of the banana
  • Cut a piece of foil about the width of 4 bananas and sit yours on it
  • Fold up the short ends first to create a flat base then bring up the sides and crimp together at the top to form a pocket (you want to try and keep the bananas sitting upright)
  • Place the wrapped bananas on the barbecue grill or directly onto the coals
  • Cooking time will vary depending on how how the barbecue is - check the bananas after five minutes but they could take 10-15 minutes
  • The bananas are ready to eat when all the skin has turned black and the chocolate and marshmallow has melted in the middle
  • Once the foil has cooled, open the package and scoop the gooey banana mix straight out of the skin with a small spoon


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