Veg & Sides


Grilled cauliflower steaks

27 May 2020

A delicious vegan BBQ treat - cauliflower steaks brushed with oil and seasoned with Fat Daniel's Dixie Dust All Purpose Seasoning and BBQ Spice Rub and simply grilled for five minutes either side directly over the coals.

Perfectly seasoned and infused with the smokey flavour of the barbecue this will be a hit with all your barbecue party guests, not just the vegans and vegetarians.

Mexican inspired bean burgers

1 August 2019

A great alternative to a meat patty. Charred butternut squash and black beans spiced with chipotle chilli and served with a chipotle and lime sour cream. Can be made vegetarian or vegan but will be enjoyed by all!

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Jalapeno poppers

18 May 2019

One of our favourites - jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese then wrapped in bacon for your non-vegetarian guests, or just season and grill to keep them vegetarian.

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Halloumi kebabs

30 April 2019

Fat Daniel cooks up one of his vegetarian classics - Mediterranean inspired cheese and vegetable kebabs. They're really tasty and dead easy to do. 

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