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Sizzlers Steak Burgers

28 June 2020

Before lockdown FD met up with Chris from Sizzlers Street Food to find out what makes their gourmet chuck steak smash burgers so darn tasty!

Spatchcock Chicken

30 June 2019

BBQ basics - FD demonstrates how to spatchcock a chicken and season it up ready for indirect cooking on the barbecue - delicious!

Direct and Indirect Cooking

30 June 2019

Fat Daniel's guide to the two basic methods of cooking on the barbecue. Most people will be used to grilling directly over the heat but being able to cook using indirect heat can be a game changer!

Fat Daniel's Promo

31 May 2019

Fat Daniel's BBQ products in action. This is what 'Good Food - Good Times' looks like!

Top Tips for BBQ Sausages

30 April 2019

Fat Daniel shares his 7 top tips for grilling the perfect sausage on the barbecue

Fat Daniel's BBQ

30 March 2019

Good Food... Good Times